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The College Language Strategy

The College Language Strategy: an opportunity for all students & staff!

Queen Mary's College Language Strategy provides language learning opportunities for all students in order to enhance employability, promote internationalisation and increase cultural awareness.

Key principles:
* To provide equal opportunities for language learning to all students
* To ensure high quality modules delivered by qualified and experienced teaching professionals
* To increase the range of languages to respond to students' career paths; to serve the needs of the local community; and to provide students with a global perspective.

Modules and Fees
Departments may allow students to take 30 credits (300 hours) of a language as part of their degree, or in addition to their degree. If it is in addition to the degree, the department may agree to fund the language learning, or students may be asked to pay a (reduced) fee themselves.

Languages are taught during the week, but also in the evenings, to facilitate students' attendance.

How to apply
Languages are taught by Queen Mary's Language Centre and information on the different languages, and how to apply, can be found here.

Full information on the College Language Strategy can be found here [PDF 364KB].

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