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Critical Thinking and Writing for Film Studies

Course Code and Title

EAL4822    Critical Thinking and Writing for Film Studies


Semester 2


Level 4


Students joining this module are already at IELTS level 7 (minimum 7 in writing), which equates to B2/C1 on the CEFR framework.



Seminars / classes

20 hours (2 hours per week over 10 weeks)




Formative only; written assignment of 1500 words.

Module convener 

Dr. Saima Sherazi

Module aims

This module is offered to students at level 4 and responds to their linguistic and discipline specific needs in terms of listening, reading, analysis and synthesis, argument structure and critical essay writing skills. Students will be guided through the process of reading, understanding and successfully delivering assignments, will be encouraged and expected to reflect upon their own work, and will be provided with formative feedback to ensure the learning outcomes are achieved. The module aims to improve students’ writing and study skills through exercises that are discipline-specific and closely linked to the content of the level 4 Film Studies curriculum.



Module outline

The module is needs driven and therefore the syllabus is necessarily flexible and the content delivered in workshop format. However, the basic syllabus is likely to include:

  • Listening and note-taking skills
  • Reading skills (navigating the genre of Film Studies articles)
  • The process of writing
  • Revision, proof reading and editing skills
  • Development of the argument, including synthesis of sources, argument validity, and development of conclusions
  • Macro structure of a paper, planning and development of a position; micro structure of sections and paragraphs
  • Coherence and cohesion at macro and micro levels
  • Readability and recognition of the audience and development of the writer's voice
  • Referencing
  • Accuracy (grammar, vocabulary and punctuation)

Learning outcomes

At the end of this module students should be able to:

  • demonstrate understanding of what is asked of them in their Film Studies assignments;
  • produce different types of critical and creative writing about film;
  • select, evaluate and synthesise information from a range of sources;
  • produce textual analysis using accurate Film Studies terminology;
  • develop arguments and draw conclusions in response to Film Studies assignment briefs
  • explain and argue clearly and concisely;
  • acquire and apply knowledge in a rigorous way

Preliminary reading

Timothy Corrigan, A Short Guide to Writing About Film (Boston: Pearson, 2012)

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