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Courses for Specific Departments

Pre-Clinical Foundation Year:


Practical Skills for Professionals 1 (2 semesters, 2 hrs per week)

3 short writing tasks and 2 oral tasks

Semester 1: Focus on Study Skills and the Mechanics of English


Class Focus

 Independent Study (2 hrs per week minimum)

Sem 1 = much more prescribed

Week 1

Getting to Know You and Module Overview


Study Skills: Habits of successful students / Independent Study


Writing: Semi-formal emails

  • Setting up vocab notebook/blog/study routine (1 hr)
  • Reading and listening with response in blog form/discussion forum (topic: academic culture)(1 hr)
  • Write a semi-formal email to tutor plus a short introduction of self to class. (1 hr)

Week 2

Reading Strategies (1) Types of texts; ways to read efficiently and effectively


Writing: Mechanics of English (1):

Overview of What is needed for Accuracy (+ skills for writing). Focus on: Parts of Speech / finite clauses / sentence structure



  • Extra Reading exercise…
  • Work on finite clauses
  • Grammar exercise
  • Reading/Listening prep for next week on Active Learning.
  • Writing: blog piece on how you intend to grow your academic English vocabulary (and how your study routine is going)

Week 3

Study Skills Active Learning: (12 Smart Questions) and focused self-study; Preparing and learning from lectures (inc Cornell note-taking)

Listening: Lecture structure and more note-taking strategies. (+ Ss compare their lecture notes)


Speaking (1 hr): What makes a successful discussion? Seminar Discussion on academic culture; culture bumps?


  • Reading/listening based on active learning and active lecture listening (90 mins) + write up (Independent Study)
  • Developing vocab notes on affixes
  • Think about Portfolio Task 1: Seminar Discussion write up.

Week 4

Mechanics of English (2):

 (Vocab) what does it mean to ‘know’ a word. Using a dictionary.  (inc Intro to words with special meaning (from med bkp6) – Spelling ‘Rules’ and strategies (inc problems for Arabic speakers)

Reading/Listening: Note-taking Strategies

Writing: stages in writing a summary





 (parts of speech:

Week 5

Writing: Mechanics of English (3): Verbs (tenses/aspects/patterns)


Speaking (1 hour): Seminar Discussion


Study Skills: critical note-taking

Grammar homework on complex  sentences / linking words / punctuation / relative clauses

Write a paragraph about X


Week 6

Descriptive Writing 1: (clarity and accuracy): Definitions and descriptions


Vocab: Word building: roots and affixes

Set up Vark: on Learning Styles…

Set up the discussions for 2nd half of semester



Homework: Ss write a text summary…

Week 7

Mechanics of English (4): Nouns (Nominalisation / relative clauses/compounds)


Descriptive Writing 2: describing a process


Homework: Grammar of verbs (90 mins)

Reading and summarising a text (90 mins)

  • Work on nominalisation



Plus… follow a news story (find out academic truth behind it…)

Week 8

Timed Class writing (30 mins): Descriptive writing task


Study Skills: Critical thinking: an introduction

Writing; Using sources (paraphrasing)


Week 9

Mechanics of English (5): noun phrases / prep phrases and adverbial phrases

Writing: Summarising texts.



Week 10

Reading Complex Sentences (breaking down for understanding and paraphrasing)


Speaking (1 hour): Seminar Discussion


Homework for next week. Summarise a text referencing correctly

Week 11

Mechanics of English (6): Register: (formal /informal/ written/ spoken/semi-formal Engish)

Speaking (1 hour): Seminar Discussion



Week 12

Study Skills: Revising/reviewing/ reflecting.

Writing: Reflective Writing


Over Xmas Students have to write a short reflective piece (up to 800 words for portfolio)



Semester Two (Have as the order of writing an essay)

Semester 2: Focus on Academic Texts; Understanding, Discussing and Writing


Class Focus

 Independent Study (3 hrs per week minimum)

Week 1

Writing:  Features of Good Academic Writing

Study Skills: Review on time management/goal setting/self-study


-SS must read the articles/websites on Smoking, the NHS etc  - and write a short summary of the situation…



Week 2

Writing: Setting up extended essay project: aims/learning flow chart/ skills to develop Understanding the question, planning your research

Study Skills: Critical thinking and Holistic Learning, Argument and types of reasoning (and argument maps)

Reading Critically: Questioning the Text

Ss focus their research and narrow their question

Week 3

Study Skills; undertaking guided desk research/ internet detective



Week 4

Writing: Essay/argument planning and essay structure

Speaking Seminar on set readings + sharing course notes so far

SS hand in a critical review of a paper

Week 5

Writing: Using sources accurately, inc referencing diagrams

Speaking: Discussing your arguments


Week 6

Writing: paraphrasing and synthesising (building your argument from others’).

Reading: text-mapping and text structure





Week 7

Writing: Using Sources critically/incorporating your voice

Speaking: Seminar Discussions


Week 8

Writing: Effective Paragraphs plus intros and conclusions

Speaking Seminars (30 mins)


Week 9

Writing: Cohesion and coherence at paragraph and essay level.

Linking words and adverbials


Week 10

Study Skills Critical Thinking, lines of reasoning/types of argument

Writing: Peer Support and Evaluation. Essay and critical thinking checklists.

Week 11

Study Skills Exam strategies, revision strategies (inc concept mapping) and short answer written arguments


Week 12

Study Skills: Looking forward: Academic Culture for SMD plus Grammar/Language/Clinic and Reflection




For Independent Study

Grammar Syllabus 20 Grammar Points

Vocabulary Syllabus 20 Worksheets

Reading Syllabus 20 Readings

Listening Syllabus 20 Listenings

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