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Why should I choose Queen Mary University of London's IFP?

The IFP was set up in 1990, which makes it one of the UK's most established International Foundation Programmes. It is wholly run by Queen Mary University of London and has been developed over many years to provide effective preparation for undergraduate study in the Social Sciences and Humanities. Teaching staff on the IFP are all well-qualified and highly experienced and are employed directly by the University. All modules are subject to Queen Mary's Quality Assurance procedures, which ensures they are of the highest academic standard. IFP students are fully enrolled students at Queen Mary University of London with access to all student services and facilities and are taught on Queen Mary's Mile End campus. IFP students are guaranteed conditional offers to undertake undergraduate degrees in many academic Schools within the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at Queen Mary, including the School of Law. It also offers start dates in both September and January. The International Foundation Programme in Business and Management offers a specialist pathway for students who are interested in applying for a Business-related undergraduate degree and would like to focus on business-related subjects during their foundation programme.

What differences are there between the September start and the January start?

The structure of the programme and the programme content are identical and both September and January starts receive the same qualification and have the same progression arrangements. Official results for September-start students are released in July while January-start students receive their results in early August. There is no reading week in semester 2 of the January programme. All modules may not be available for both the January and September starts.

What are the English language entry requirements for the IFP?

The English language requirements for entry to the IFP are IELTS 6.0 with a minimum of 5.5 in each skill. For students requiring a Tier 4 Student Visa the IELTS examination must be take at an approved SELT test centre. The UKVI Number will be given on certificate below the Candidate ID. For EU students (including those with British nationality) other English language qualifications may be acceptable. Click here for entry requirements for the IFP.

Can I apply for the IFP if I have qualifications that are acceptable for direct entry such as A levels or the IB Diploma?

To apply for the International Foundation Programme (IFP), you need a Good High School leaving certificate (for country specific requirements, click here) and a reference letter from a teacher. The selector for the IFP will consider applicants from prospective students who have qualifications that are acceptable for direct undergraduate entry. 

How can I apply for the IFP?

There is a direct application form for the IFP. This can be completed online - Apply for the September-start IFP in Humanities and Social Sciences or Apply for the September-start IFP in Business and Management. In addition to your application form, you will also need to submit your High School Certificate, the transcript of your high school grades and proof of your English language qualification.

Can I apply even if I have not yet received my results from my high school?

Yes. You will then receive a Conditional Offer which will become Unconditional when you submit your High School qualification (and provided you have met the conditions). IFP entry requirements are available

What help will I receive in applying for my Tier 4 visa?

Queen Mary's Advice and Counselling service provides advice and guidance for prospective students who need a Tier 4 visa. Prospective students can submit an enquiry on their website

Is there an application fee?

There is no application fee to apply for the IFP.

Can EU citizens apply for the IFP?

We are happy to accept applications from EU citizens although in many cases EU students - depending on their qualifications - are eligible to apply directly for undergraduate entry. The same tuition fees apply for both EU and International students on the IFP. In recent years, there have been students on the IFP from France, Germany, Portugal, Lithuania, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Greece, Latvia, Bulgaria, Denmark, Sweden and Romania. Guidance from Queen Mary for EU students following the Brexit vote is available here.

What is the minimum age for IFP students?

IFP students need to be 17 on or before 1 September in their enrolment year. Guidance on Queen Mary's policies for students who are under 18 is available here.

What can I do to prepare for the IFP?

Studying at university is very different from studying at school. It is a good idea to talk to university students among your friends and family about their experiences as they will be able to give you useful advice. The include some pre-course recommendations from academic lecturers. It is also a good idea to find out as much a possible about London and the UK before you arrive. Good places to start are the BBC London website and Time Out London

Can I get in touch with former IFP students before I apply?

We are happy to put you in touch with current and former IFP students who are willing to give advice and share their experiences. It is likely that we will have someone you can contact from your country. Email with your request.

When will I receive a decision on my application?

Provided that your application is complete, you can expect a decision within four weeks of submitting your application.

What do January-start IFP students need to know about UCAS?

January-start IFP students should not apply to UCAS before they join the IFP as their UCAS form needs to be linked to Queen Mary, but they should start to prepare a UCAS Personal Statement before they arrive. January-start IFP students will be contacted in early December with guidance on this. January-start IFP students receive extensive support in their first few days at Queen Mary to ensure that they are able to submit their UCAS form by the January 15th deadline. January-start IFP students must submit their UCAS application by the January 15 deadline to be considered by the School of Law at Queen Mary.
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