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IFP in Business and Management Pathway to SBM

One of the advantages of the IFP at Queen Mary is that, if you meet the progression requirements, you are guaranteed access to a wide range of undergraduate degree programmes at Queen Mary. If you do the IFP in Business and Management, you have a clear route to one of three undergraduate degrees offered at Queen Mary in the School of Business and Management.

You need to complete a UCAS application in order to apply for both undergradute study at Queen Mary and other UK universities and you receive comprehensive guidance and support throughout the undergraduate application process. Most students choose Queen Mary University of London as one of their five choices on UCAS.

Business & Management

Undergraduate degrees at Queen MaryYour modules Progression requirements 

BSc Business Management

BSc Marketing and Management

BSc Accounting and Management


Pathway Subject

Semester 1

Semester 2

Business Studies     

Introduction to Business and Management



Accounting for Business Decisions


 + one subject chosen from

Core Subject

Semester 1

Semester 2

English Language and Study Skills (ELSS)

English Language and Study Skills

Independent Study Project

 + two other subjects chosen from

Optional Subjects

Semester 1

Semester 2





Mathematics for Economics 

Pure Mathematics =for Economics

Statistics for Economics


International Relations and Politics

Introduction to Politics 

Introduction to International Relations



Introduction to Human Geography 

The Human Geography of London




Twentieth Century European History I: 1900-1945

Twentieth Century European History II: 1945-1990



Introduction to English Literature 

Introduction to American Literature

Film Studies


Introduction to Film Studies 

European and American Art Cinema



Spanish Language and Culture I 

Spanish Language and Culture II



Japanese Language and Culture I

Japanese Language and Culture II



French  Language and Culture I 

French Language and Culture II

Pass the IFP with 60% in Semester Two modules, with at least 60% in Independent Study Project and 60% in Management

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