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You complete two 15-credit modules if you choose this module. In the first semester you do Introduction to Business and Management and in the second semester Management.

You are encouraged to answer some fundamental questions: Where is business in its context? How do we run things? What does management consist of?

If you study this subject, you should be able to demonstrate knowledge of the political, economic and legal context in which business operates. You will also have a clear understanding of the role of a range of factors (people and resources, the structure of firms and organizations, management and leadership, marketing, strategic management and development, organisation management and control, organisational communication, Human Resource Management, motivation, business ethics, globalization) in the business environment. 

In addition, you will also develop general academic skills so that you can analyse business issues in an informed and coherent manner in both written work and seminar discussions. You are encouraged to have a global perspective and to engage critically with the subject.

Why do this subject? 

Business studies is wide-ranging and stimulating subject and the IFP provides an excellent introduction. London is one of the world's great commercial centres and there is no better place to study business and Queen Mary University of London is ideally situated between London's two business centres: Canary Wharf and the City.

What do you study?

In the first semester you study Introduction to Business and Management which provides you with opportunities to understand and apply key business theory and concepts to a variety of contemporary organizations. You will receive an introduction to some key topics and areas of business including Leadership and Management, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, I.T., the Internal and External Business Environment, Strategy, Operations Management and Project Management. In the second semester the business studies module is Management which provides an introduction to management theory. Topics include models of management, the environment and cultures of management, managing internationally, corporate responsibility, planning and decision making, strategy, managing structure and people, creativity and innovation, motivation, communication, teams, managing quality and performance, budgetary control.

You will be introduced to the main theories of business and organizational behaviour, and will develop your skills of analysis, problem solving and decision making.

 How are you taught?

Each week there will be a lecture and a seminar and you will be encouraged to contribute to seminars through pair work, group work, discussion, presentation and the completion of case studies.

How are you assessed?

Assessment is intended to move you forward in you knowledge and understanding and you are assessed through a combination of class tests, coursework, and a final exam. Coursework includes a written report, a portfolio and a presentation.

Who teaches this subject?

This subject is taught by Deborah Hamer-Acquaah. Deborah has been teaching international students for seven years and has also held senior management roles in commerce and education. Deborah successfully completed an MBA in 2007 and works at a leading college in Cambridge as well as Queen Mary.

What else should you know?

This subject is open to all IFP students and must be taken by students who intend to apply for business-related degrees. Provided that you keep up with their reading, attend all lectures and actively engage in seminar discussions, you can expect to do well. This subject provides excellent preparation for studying business-related degrees at Queen Mary or a business-related degree at any other UK university. The School of Business and Management at Queen Mary University of London offers three undergraduate degree programmes as well as a number of exciting joint degree programmes. Queen Mary’s School of Business and Management is ranked in the top third of business schools in the UK and IFP students who apply are guaranteed an offer. 

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