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In-Sessional Testimonials

Kateryna Hrynchak.
Insessional, 2012.

"The teacher uses techniques which enable me to remember and understand. I learnt so many things and the most important thing is that the teacher uses techniques which enable me to remember grammar rules that are often boring to learn. The lessons are fun and the technology (computers) helps to make students active members of the lesson. At the end of the lesson I always look forward to the next one."

Sergio Aguiar.
Insessional, 2012.

"The course definitely helped me to improve my English skills. Now, it's going to be easier to write my final dissertation and be prepared for the exams."

Valerija Majevska.
Insessional, 2012.

"All my questions were answered in an instant. There was good, sufficient feedback. New learning techniques are recommended every week. Extra support material is given. Interactive learning really helps kinetic learners. The module exceeded my expectations."

Jacopo Lange.
Insessional, 2012.

"It was very useful for our personal knowledge, but also because now I can apply what I have learned to other courses (especially coursework). The course was extremely useful especially for people who, like me, come from abroad and have problems adapting to a new kind of grammar and its rules."

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