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"The course is practical and well taught because I could learn Spanish starting with the basics and by the efficient teaching  I could build a solid foundation that now allows me to speak the language . Even if some language courses  sometimes can be boring, classes here are taught through various methods that strengthen both listening and understanding skills together with a special focus on vocabulary. What is more, teachers here are open, patient and very helpful, which represents an asset to learn a language in a friendly and relaxing environment. "
Valentina Rigoni (Student of Spanish).

"I have been interested in learning Spanish since the beginning of highschool and everything became possible in my first year of university. I started to take Spanish lessons with the Language Learning Unit and the atmosphere together with the professional background brought by our teachers made me really happy about my choice. Besides having grammar and vocabulary classes, we also had some cultural ones which were helpful in developing our general knowledge. Useful materials, professional advice and competitive assessments are key elements of our Spanish Course. Because these classes represented a very good starting point, I decided to spend all summer in Spain, travelling, working and improving my language."
Christian Ardeu (Student of Spanish).

"During my Foundation Programme at Queen Mary I had the opportunity to experience different courses. However, Further Spanish was one which I enjoyed the most. . The course was conducted by the highly qualified tutor, whose ability to artfully teach has made the course really easy to follow and worthwhile. Having started with the basics until the end of the course I was able to build meaningful conversations in Spanish. This course motivated me to continue learning Spanish. In my opinion learning a new language is always a fascinating thing. It is fun, interesting and can lead to great opportunities."
Nadiia Pylypchuk (IFP student, 2012/13).

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