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Oleksandra Riaba (Pre-Masters, Jan start 2014).

Rouhollah Ebrahimabadi (Pre-Masters, Jan start 2014)

Chen Zhengpu (Leo)
PMP Sept start 2014-15.

"Through studying in the PMP programme, I acquired knowledge about the UK culture and education system that helped me to be prepared for my MA. I already have one year studying experience in the UK, so I know what the University expects from me and my work. For me, tutorial time was as important for my studies as the sessions. Each student has different problems in their studying, and bringing these issues in tutorial time helps a lot because the tutor has the time to answer, explain in detail and help solve these issues. In tutorials, I got detailed responses to my questions and understood what I need to do to improve in different stages of the programme."

Mojisola Adeoti Akande.
QM PMP student 2014.
MSc Finance Graduate 2015.

"I am currently studying towards an MSc Finance degree at Queen Mary. Having completed the Pre-Masters Programme at Queen Mary, I can truly say it has been the most beneficial investment I have made to date. The PMP helped improve my academic writing and research skills while also boosting my confidence in academic, professional and social settings. I have also made great friends while on the course, who all have contributed to my personal development through their own experiences. The best part of the PMP is the support you get from the staff. They encourage you to discuss your ideas with others which help improve your writing and forges lasting friendships. The course is flexible enough to cater to a diverse group of students and the students have the opportunity to give their feedback through the student reps. I can honestly say that I am excelling and enjoying my masters as a result of completing the PMP."

Xinqi (Candice) Wang.
QM PMP student 2013.

"I am now studying a Master degree in Banking and Finance at Queen Mary, University of London. The experiences I gained from the Pre-Masters Programme in Economics have helped me a lot on my current courses. My major was Laws for undergraduate course; and as you can see, English is not my first language. This really worried me a lot before I went to the UK. However, the PMP not only provides a favourable English learning environment, but also teaches me about the academic knowledge in Economics. These advantages help me to have a better understanding of the courses which I am studying."

Xiaomei Zhu.
QM PMP student 2012.

"I am currently studying at QMUL for a Master degree in Banking and Finance. Last year, I participated in the Pre-Masters Programme and chose Economics & Finance as my academic option.
The programme equiped me not only with academic reading and writing techniques, but also with a wide variety of beneficial study skills in a UK education institution. Thanks to this programme, I had a very great time and made friends with foreign students from all over the world. In the future, I hope to work as a financial analyst in an international bank."

Yuiko Imamura.
QM PMP student 2012.

"I am currently studying in MSc Public Policy at QMUL. The PMP experience was extremely valuable, because it offered various academic study skills and gave me the confidence to study in masters degree. The optional modules offered were also interesting and helpful for me to gain a foundation in Politics. The teachers were very kind and skilful in teaching international students. I always received warm support from them when I faced difficulties."

Emmanuel Leigh.
QM PMP student 2012.

"Currently, I am studying for a Masters' degree in Investment and Finance at Queen Mary after successful completion of the Queen Mary PMP last academic year. The PMP undoubtedly improved my academic reading and writing skills, which is saving me a lot of time on my current course. The PMP course is of a high standard and the tutors are well experienced. I had many classmates from different ethnic backgrounds as friends. Hopefully, I will soon become a lecturer at a university in the UK which is globally recognised."

Daisuke Abo.
QM PMP student 2012.

"I studied on the Foundations Pre-Sessional programme at Queen Mary, University of London, and its experiences helped me to understand academic English on the Pre-Masters Programme. This is because I already knew about academic English when I started to study on the PMP, so it is now easy for me to understand what teachers say. Also I was the only Japanese student at Pre-Sessional, so I always had to speak in English. These experiences have improved my English skills."

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