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Welcome to the Spanish Course pages at Language Learning. 

Currently Pasos 1 & Pasos 2, written by Martyn Ellis and Rosa Maria Martin and published by Hodder Education, are recommended for this course.

Coursework and Tests.

The tests for the language courses in the Language Learning consist of 3 parts:

Paper 1: Oral (25%). There will be one final oral examination which will take place at the end of each course and will be recorded for moderation.

Paper 2: Reading and Writing (50%). This exam will take place in April/May for all students.

Paper 3: Coursework (25%) The coursework will consist of two classroom tests (one listening, one reading/writing -including some grammar activities) and one project to be done as homework.

The Project is to be submitted 1 week before the end of the semester at the latest.

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