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Pre-Sessional Testimonials

Gökce Mutlu.
Pre-Sessional English, 2015.

"I did Pre-Sessional B and C and I gained an insight into university study before my I started my LLM. It was also helpful to get used to life in Britain by making friends and exploring the city together. Doing research on legal issues and writing essays is helping with my final dissertation now. I highly recommend it because at the end you will feel confident in your academic studies."

Watch Gökce's video testimonial and find out how the Pre-Sessional course has helped her with her main degree programme. Watch video

Naoto Yamamoto.
Pre-Sessional English, 2015.

"Needless to say, I have learnt English skills, specifically the methods to cite articles and books in your legal writing. I also had a lot of opportunities to meet students who are studying different subjects such as Science and Business. The conversation with these students in English was fascinating and inspiring.”

Watch Naoto's video testimonial and find out what how the Pre-Sessional course has helped him with his main degree programme. Watch video

Charlotte Altschul.
Pre-Sessional English, 2012.

"The Pre-Sessional course was really helpful to me. I had classes with plenty of exercises, which helped me to improve my English skills in an academic environment. I also had a preview of my main course, having regular lectures, writing essays and practising presentations, with really good individual feedback. Thus, I am much more prepared now in my Master's degree."

Maki Yoshie.
Pre-Sessional English, 2012.

"The Pre-Sessional English Programme was a great experience for me. There was a wide variety of opportunities to study English. I made several presentations, took academic lectures and improved my essay skills. Especially in essay skills I was surprised, because almost all non-native students seemed to have problems writing essays in the class: for example, how to follow cohesion and coherence. The style of academic study is different from my country, so it was a good opportunity for me to get used to it before starting my main course of study."

Ryohei Iwanari.
Pre-Sessional English, 2012.

"My experiences on the Pre-Sessional were the most valuable I have ever experienced, in terms of not only improving my English skills, but also in gaining knowledge of the economic and political situations in foreign countries, and having the opportunity to meet students who have job experience. Of course, the classes on the Pre-Sessional course improved my English skills. The teachers were very kind and cooperative. Thanks to these classes, I now completely understand the structure of academic essays. But there is an extra advantage in taking the Pre-Sessional course: since there were many Masters and PhD students who had already had jobs in their countries, I gained a lot of information about jobs. A Masters student, who is a top manager of a film company in his country, told me about his experience and gave me precious advice which impressed me a lot. So the Pre-Sessional course improved my English skills amazingly and gave me the most valuable experience I have ever had."

Sergii Grekov.
Pre-Sessional English, Law Pathway, 2012.

"There are several things about the usefulness of the Pre-Sessional programme at QMUL I'd like to point out. Firstly, the program is highly practical and well structured and it is really developing skills that students will require during their main course. I fully appreciated it when I enrolled onto the main LLM course and started to prepare various assignments. However, it is flexible and it is always possible to ask the tutor to clarify some areas in grammar or vocabulary usage. Moreover, if students feel that they still have some gaps in their knowledge, the tutor can even devote the whole lesson to a specific and highly important point. Secondly, the Pre-Sessional course enables students to get onto the LLM program as smoothly as possible. Students are introduced to the university facilities, have a chance to get to know other LLM students and, what is most important, they learn how to do research and write essays. This will help me in my LLM program, especially when I am faced with having to write the dissertation. In retrospect, I realise that Pre-Sessional course was one of the best moments in my studies. Despite the intensity of the program, we were all able to enjoy summer in London and to make friends among students from other faculties. And finally, the facilities are excellent and students are provided with access to all university resources from the very beginning. Accommodation on the campus during the Pre-Sessionals is quite comfortable, as you can get to the classroom literally within 5 minutes and save money on transportation until you get a student travel pass in September. Besides, after a long flight to London I was happy to find a ready-to-use room and complimentary voucher for the dinner."

Kosuke Hosokawa.
Pre-Sessional English, Law Pathway, 2012.

"TI had such a great time in the Pre-Sessional English course here at Queen Mary. Particularly, how this course was taught is really helpful, even for studying Insessional modules as well. Moreover, the class was brilliant, as it provided lots of additional benefits for me, apart from the study of English, because most of the classes on this course consist of LLM students, who are most likely to get high-status jobs in their country, such as lawyers or paralegal professionals. Therefore, I feel that this course was really beneficial for my study abroad life at Queen Mary."

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